**ILLUMINATI** Secret Society Jucon & Jasmine Wealth King Arabic Marid Djinn ANCIENT Artifact Stone Haunted Genie Spirit Vessel ~ DARATII BILLIONAIRE WEALTH **RARE**


Sold Out

Behold! A Top Quality spell item from LOTHORIANMAGICK™ Old World Witchery Shop©! This item has been Handcrafted with care by our Coven Sisters and our Elite Brethren to bring You the most Powerful and potent Metaphysical items available in the World! REAL Occult Magic & Power!

We use only the most Sacred forms of Ancient Magick, just our ancestors used centuries ago! Guaranteed Results or your Money Back! 


***ILLUMINATI*** Wealth King Genie of Unlimited Universal Wishes Omnipotent Power & Blessings **RARE** Wealth and Luck! * Planetary Power $$$


Haunted Warlock Templar Djinn Talisman

ILLUMINATI Secret Society Amulet



Lost Treasure of Khastazia

BEHOLD! This unique Templar item is a true Metaphysical Powerhouse! The Ancient Powers within this Sacred Relic shall bring forth Granted Wishes, Wealth, Prosperity and Power lie never before! This Magnificent Vessel has been in the hands of many, including Wealthy Elite, Powerful Businessmen & Women, and Top World Leaders to Gain Ultimate Power. Now is the time that you too, shall gain all Wishes and Powers.


The Elite Crest Warlock's Templar -- Powerful Items for Powerful People

The First Royal Secret Society That Brings Success and Power Through Items of Power
Jucon & Jasmin Collection

From The Collection of Jucon & Jasmine

Superior Wealth King Dragon Djinn Ring



Within a Castle Manor in the wonderful country of England, Our Team and I found this Ring in a hidden corner in the Secret chambers within the Manor. Jucon and Jasmine are 2 of the Worlds Most Powerful Warlock and Witch Couple in The History of The World. Their Collection is impressive and very intense. Jucon & Jasmine bring powers of positive light in their items. Their legacy will last forever as your wishes come true.

This Ring Possesses a Ancient Genie of the name Da'Ratii, a rare & powerful Wealth Genie over 60,000 years old and incredibly beautiful. Da'Ratii is a Powerful King Djinn, a beautiful Moon Jinn of Unlimited Wealth and Wishes. This Genie has granted Thousands upon Thousands of Wishes throughout the Centuries to the World's Most Powerful and Top Elite Businessmen, Politicians, and Highly Famous & Influential Leaders in Society. For the first time, this Ancient Relic is now available to the Public. Use with caution for it is extremely powerful and contains a High Level of Potent Spells & Rituals.

Most of the Wishes granted to previous Owners were Blessings of Wealth, Power, Money Success, Fortune and Fame. This Ancient Haunted Artifact is no limited to Wealth alone, for anything you desire shall be Granted. Powers of Intense Love, Attraction, Sex, Passion, and Relationship Success will be given by the King if you so desire. Wishes are Unlimited. Jucon and Jasmine were an extremely Wealthy, and had Great Love for each other that few can only dream of. Items like this Ring of Da'Ratii brought them their Wealth, Success, Love and Power. They received this Ring from a Very Rich Man from France, he recorded over 800 wishes of his were granted from this Ring alone. Being placed in The Elite Crest of the Lothorian Circle, the Ring of Da'Ratii was passed to Royalty, were it first started hundreds of years ago.

I have had numerous people contact me asking me of an Ancient Red Ring. Many people are having dreams of a King Genie of the exact appearance of Da'Ratii - I was shocked, for this only happens with extremely Rare Items. 17 people have contacted me on this particular Ring alone, as well as other items belonging to the Collection of Jucon & Jasmine. Many continue to have these Sacred visions of this Ring and Genie Da'Ratii. This Magnificent item is extremely powerful and will reach out to bring the Highest Level of Rewards and Wishes available. All that you desire shall become Yours.

I am honored to present to you a once in a lifetime chance to own a part of History and become one of the Elite. There will never be another opportunity like this.

It is never to late to create your Future - The time is now

This magnificent vessel is a portal to Truth and Enlightenment.

It was custom-conjured centuries ago

& custom-made for King Solomon.

From the Collection of Jucon & Jasmin ** TOP LEVEL ** Illuminati Secret Society Wealth Powers


Now it can be yours...

Wealth, Power, Wisdom, Strength, Beauty, Love..

Anything you Desire in the World

Can Be Yours


The Metaphysical Powers of this item are Endless...

Astral Travel, Enhancing Psychic Abilities, Lucid Dreaming, Heightened Intuition, Dreams of prophecy, Clairvoyance, Scrying, Spirit Communication, Levitation, Shape Shifting, Surprise Cash Flow, Luck in games of Chance, Alchemy, Beauty, Bespelling, Binding, Blessings, Calling of Spirits, Charms, Charms against spells, charms against jealousy, Cleansing bad vibes, Comfort, Courage, Coven Work, Cursing, Destiny, Negating those with ill intent, Destruction of evil, Development, Disorders of Magickal Powers, Enchantment, Exorcism/Casting out Entities, Fame, Material Abundance, Recovering Stolen Goods, Finding Lost Treasures, Friendship, Happiness, Hope, Incantations, Aptness to learn, Manifestations, Overcoming obstacles, Peace, power, Purification, Purifuing Evil and negativity, Raisingenergy, knowledge of rebirth/past lives, power in Rituals, Absorption of Energy, Aura Cleansing, Luck in Business Ventures, Creativity in Business, Sorcery, Speed, Spells, Spirituality, Strength, Supernatural abilites, Trance magick, Transformation, Unbinding, Unblocking, Victory, Wishes, Youth, Opening and strengthening your 3rd eye, Scrying, Astral Projection, Far sensing, Far seeing, Interpretation of Omens (Augury), Disipline, Disrupting Psychic Shields, Leadership, Forethought, Intuition, Logic, deeper Meditations, Perception, Prophecy, Psychic Dreams, Psychic Power, Power, Mental Power, Inner Power, Energy in Magick or psychic work, visualization, Concentration, Mental Steadiness, Relaxation, Visions, Sight, Refresh Psychic Powers, Understand and speak to animals, Wisdom, Opening the Inner eye of Wisdom —

And so much more!

*** The Powers are LIMITLESS!

This incredible and powerful entity can convert any living organism, plant or animal into stone. In a moment of time it can change coals into treasures, will impart the secret of invisibility, confers long life, obtain large treasures gives true answers, transports precious stones, composes medicines having miraculous effects, can prolong life to several hundred years, will get great honor in military affairs. It has the power to destroy everything, helps and protects from accidents, transports passengers to any part of the world and also without danger. It will give the medicine of healing all sick persons. It will give discernment for the good or bad intention of any person. It will give good fortune in lotteries, it can solve all varieties of diseases, it has got the power to make anything in the world invisible. It helps in learning all languages. Brings back runaways, can change men into various shapes. It procures love between man and women, can cause love between friends and foes and many other things which you will come to know when the Djinn will be in your control.

You will be considered extreme royalty within the spirit world for being associated with the Djnn. The Djinn is the Highest and Most Powerful spirit class in the world. This is a very rare and grand opportunity that will bring you much respect amongst your other entities, whether you already own them or will someday in the future. You will be seen amongst your other Spirits as very Noble and very Honorable by possessing a Djinn.

This item does not have to be worn for the Powers to affect your life! It can be kept in a charging box, charm bag, or carried with you in your pocket. It's powers are very intense and will be bound to your energies and spiritual auras. I will be performing the final castings after payment is made to bind you to this entity under the moonlight.

Numerous people have tested this Powerful Amulet of its powers and the ability to make wishes come true. There have been over 13 people that have tested this Pendant over the past 100 years in which all have been documented by the Coven of Vigothus. Many of these people are of the Elite, Wealthy and Famous. Knowing Haunted items bring Power, Luck and Success, these people know the Value of a Good Haunted item. This Pendant has brought Material Abundance, Social Status, and Wealth. It has brought Security during times of Economic hardship, Greatness to all those who ask of it. This is One of the most amazing items and most Powerful Dragon Genies I have ever had the honor of presenting.

There are so many great discoveries and sacred texts associated with the Masons and their sacred societies, I urge you to do a little research yourself--the information you will find is truly amazing. For those who are a bit skeptical of weather such great treasure could exist within the Freemasons and Knight's Templar, here are a few things to consider:

The founding, growth, purpose, actions, and end of the Templars.

The Shroud of Turin, it's history and theories.

The Gothic Cathedrals, and their mysteries, Chartres specifically.

Scotlands Robert the Bruce, and the Battle of Bannockburn.

Scotland's Rosslyn Chapel and its anomalies.

Freemasonry, in Scotland and America.

Scottish Prince Henry Sinclair, and his travels to Nova Scotia in 1395-98.

Nova Scotia's mystery of Oak Island's treasure pit.

Rennes Les Chateaux and Berenger Sauniere's treasure.

The Ark of the Covenant, it's presence in Ethiopia, and possible whereabouts since.

No matter how intense or complex your situation or desires may be, the powers of this Master Dragon Djinn will grant All Wishes!

Please Handle With Care & Respect!


The Order of
the Knight’s Templar


*** RARE Freemason Artifact ***

From The Collection of the Lost Treasure of Khastazia











This Powerful item is an extremely powerful piece as it is inhabited by an amazing Wish-Granting entity of the Highest Class & Power. It is part of the Khastazian Treasure, the most powerful and most haunted Freemason Treasure in existence. This is a Highly sought after item, especially within the Witching and Warlock community, because of it's intense Metaphysical Powers. This amazing and rare item is of very high value and is not a toy!

The Freemasons and Templar Knights are well known for their secrets, inner workings, and powerful treasures. This particular item is one of the most powerful of all. If you are afraid of Ghostly Spirits, Paranormal Occurrences or Entity Manifestations, this item is not for you. It's powers are unparalleled.


The Order of The Knights Templar

In year 1118, The Knight's Templar was formed in Jerusalem to protect Christian Pilgrims in the time following the first Crusade. It is widely held, that they uncovered King Solomon's Treasure in Jerusalem about this time. Over two centuries, they carried the treasure they had captured back to Europe where they grew in Power--until the King of France, threatened by their growing might, had nearly all of them seized at one time. King Philip was hugely in debt to the Knights Templar, as the popularity of the Crusades had decreased, support for the Order had waned, and Philip used a disgruntled complaint against the Order as an excuse to disband the entire organization, so as to free himself from his debts.

On Friday, 13 October 1307, hundreds of Knights Templar in France were simultaneously arrested by agents of Philip the Fair, to be later tortured into admitting heresy in the Order. The Knights Templar were supposedly answerable only to the Pope, but Philip used his influence over Clement V, who was largely his pawn, to disband the organization. Pope Clement did attempt to hold proper trials, but Philip used the previously forced confessions to have many Templars burned at the stake before they could mount a proper defense.

In 1314, Philip had the last Grand Master of the Templars, Jacques de Molay, not burnt at the stake but rather roasted slowly over a fire in Paris. According to legend, de Molay cursed both Philip and Clement V from the flames, saying that he would summon them before God's Tribunal within a year; as it turned out, both King and Pope died within the next year.

During this chaotic time, any surviving Templar Knights were on the run. Many Templars traveled to Scotland to escape the King's wrath. There, the Templars found a convenient way to meld into the Society--By joining Masonic lodges. For Centuries many believe that King Solomon's Treasure was in the great Rosslyn Temple of Scotland, where many sacred meetings were held. It was a safe haven for Templars and Masons alike--and perhaps a place for them to share the Wealth and organize their Orders. As time passed, the Masons grew stronger and it is said that the presence of the Occult grew vastly within the Masonic ways of life.

By the 1700's, The Freemasons, The Knights Templar, and The Illuminati Orders all contained many members who were Witches/Warlocks, Alchemists, and Sorcerers. The presence of the Occult was never a secret within these secret societies, as history tells. They were noble, mysterious, filled with wisdom and courage, graced by vision and wit.... They possessed the knowledge of the occult turned into light, the alchemy of transforming life into gold, the blessing of living under the sword of the Christ...


The Lost Masonic Treasure of Khastazia


There is no doubt that the Masons have made some extraordinary discoveries throughout the Centuries, however the Treasure of Khastazia is in my opinion the most sacred, well-kept secret--and also the most Metaphysical of all findings. More power has been brought to the Masons because of these items than any other treasure in the World.

In 1805, a small group of warlock templars traveled with Head Master Xavier and Dr. Irving Nasim of England to recover any treasure that was lost during the abolishment of the Knights Templar in France. Dr. Nasim kept well-documented journals of his travels and gave much detail of the treasure and riches they discovered.

This great team traveled to the site of the ruins of an ancient temple, that was once used as a Templar meeting place, for an archaeological investigation in hopes of recovering any templar artifacts. It was there that they uncovered chalices and ornaments worth more than a hundred thousand gold florins ($5,347,000). It is believed that this was a small part of King Solomon's treasure that was kept within the great temple.

Dr. Nasim was an occult master, and credited much of his knowledge to the treasures he discovered while traveling with the Masons. He wrote of the entities bound within items, their purpose and wishes he gained from these powerful items. Many of the pieces of the Khastazian Collection were used by the Doctor himself. He was one of the wealthiest men in history and owed everything to the powerful Djinn of the Masonic Treasure.

There is so much more information I wish I could share with you, however I am not at liberty to say because of the oath I have taken. So many Masons have been blessed by the treasures of the Knights Templar, the wealth, riches, and ancient magick that are still very much present within their families today. I am very blessed to say that I am just a small part of an incredible legacy of Masons.


The Legacy of Dr. Nasim


Dr. Nasim's journals were discovered in 1861 by my Father's Masonic ancestors in England. Hidden away within the pages of his diaries was a small handmade treasure map with the exact coordinates of the Templar's sacred temple of Khastazia.

The map lead them 30 miles west of Rosslyn to a dark secluded area in which they uncovered a mystical, yet dreary ancient Crypt--Dr. Nasim wrote in his journals that he was left with a "most dark feeling of curiosity and enlightenment" as they shine their torches, they see a shimmer of gold glisten by the light of their flame--Behold!

A magnificent glow of treasure and riches... Dr. Nasim continues "Contained in the Crypt were chests of Bullion, beautiful gemstones and Jewelry items, Ancient ritual tools and hand-hammered stone carvings of documented Spells and Inner Workings." They believed at this time that they had opened the Door to the Truths of the Unknown. And in a sense--They were right.

Every person to possess a piece of the Khastazian Treasure has gained all of their Wishes. This particular item is inhabited by an extremely Powerful entity of another Realm. It's powers are far greater than anything you may have witnessed before. The energies are very intense! If you are in search of a truly Haunted item that will change your life, now is the time! Gain your deepest desires and take advantage of this amazing opportunity to own a very rare piece of History.


A Top-Level Handcrafted Ancient Treasure!
Crafted of High Quality .925 Sterling Silver

This Amulet Measures 2 1/4" Inches
A 20" Inch Sterling Silver Chain is Also Included




This Extraordinary Vessel is *Beaming* with Power and Energy!

Manifestations include (but are not limited to): Orbs, Streaks of Light, Warm Sensations, Noise, Temperature Changes, Blurs, Whispers, Tapping, Flashes, Mists, Shapeshifting, Dream Appearances and more! Experience the intense Power and Energies for yourself! Each individual's experiences are Unique!

Easy To Use: You do not have to be a Witch or practice any type of Witchcraft to own a Haunted, Paranormal or Spellcast item! The Powers of this Item work for Beginners and the Advanced alike! You can be of any faith or religion! All you must do is Believe and respect the Spirits within the Vessel. This piece contains great Powers and Energies, please handle with care and respect.

We have Limited Quantities! Buy It Now before it's too late!

There are limited quantities of this particular vessel! Now may be your only chance to own this powerful piece! Each casting is performed specifically for every individual to ensure the powers are unique and custom fit for each person's needs. If purchasing a Spirit item, note that No two people will ever receive the same entity and no none else will be able to conjure your spirit through another vessel, unless noted otherwise. All castings and conjurations are custom and specifically to be bound to your energies alone! Rather than receiving an entity that is already conjured, you are receiving an item that will be inhabited by a spirit specifically conjured for YOU! Bid while there is still time and change your life Today! 

This is a truly Haunted item containing Great Metaphysical Power! 

Please read all! 

The Spells, Spirits & Magic imbued within this Magnificent Vessel are that of the most Powerful in the Universe—Our items are extremely potent and not to be taken lightly! All items contain great energies, for they are cast using only the most rare and ancient forms of Traditional Magick. This Powerful item brings great Blessings and Amazing Results! All you must do is be Positive in your Practice and great Gifts shall be bestowed upon you! Patience is a virtue! As my Grandmother always said "You must always Believe!" ~ Blessed Be!

Note: You do not have to wear this item for the Powers to affect your Life ~ Keeping it in a Charging box, Charm bag or simply Carrying it with you will do just fine!

Real Magick, Real Results

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed 

All of our metaphysical items are cast using the same sacred magick rituals that were used by our ancestors centuries ago and have provided amazing results. These are sacred traditional witchcraft spells collected from all over the world--Many have been passed down to us by blood, others have been given to us by powerful Shaman, Warlocks, High Priests and Master Spirit Conjurers. A lot of time and care is put into our spellwork! Each ritual is performed for every individual and cast specifically to fit their needs and energies. We use only the finest supplies to cast our spells to guarantee you that your spell will be as potent and powerful as possible. Many other Spellcasters use cheap oils, incense, and herbs, which decreases the power and usefulness of the spell. All herbs used are 100% organic and grown in my own garden. Nearly all of the oils, incense and candles used are personally handcrafted by me.

I guarantee you the most powerful spell you can get, using only the finest tools and most sacred forms of magick that has been used for centuries with extraordinary results.

Why Buy From Lothorian Magick?

The Magick we practice is that of the Oldest and Most Powerful in the Universe. I have dedicated my life to Paranormal Research and Exploration. The Items I share with you are of the Most Powerful and Genuine Paranormal Items you will find. These Items come of Genies/Djinn, Dragons, Vampires, Goddesses, Faeries, and so much more. My team and I have traveled through out the US, England-Haunted Capital of The World, Middle East, Asia, and The Caribbeans. Most people on eBay know that My team and I have had uncovered some of the most important Paranormal discoveries of the last 3 decades. These places include Old Lorimier, The Ghostly Hauntings of The Plas-Teg Estates, The Gloddaeth Woods, Dragholm's Lot, The Tomb of Ahktun Mya'ar and the 7 Realms of the Lost Nordic Gate. I am honored to present these great Paranormal discoveries to all those who truly believe and seek the Power of these genuine sacred Spirit Vessels.

All of the Haunted and Paranormal Items I have to offer possess great Energies and real Power. These items are cast and conjured by highly skilled Master Shaman, High Priests, Witches and Warlocks from all over the world. The spirits inhabiting these vessels are very complex, for they are of another realm and possess power that most of us can only dream of. Their abilities are far more advanced and much more intense than anything we know today as humans. These items are ones that reach into the deepest and most passionate realms of the Paranormal world. They will enter in to the very core of your imagination. Their powers are intense and strong for they are real-Very real.

Our Promise To You

We pride ourselves in being Honest Sellers that you can Trust! If you ever have any questions or concerns, please send me a message right away! We promise to work with you to resolve any issues you may have until you are completely satisfied. Customer service is my number one priority! I truly care about ever single one of my clients. Upon the purchase of any one of my items, you will not only receive a great treasure with true powers and energies, but you will also gain a friend who will be happy to help you with any of your concerns to the best of my abilities.

Custom Spells and Conjurations

We have and endless plethora of powerful spells, potions and healing aids, to conquer any situation or troubled time you may be going through. It is our pleasure to cast any Custom Spells that you need. We are Certified Traditional Spellcasters and Healers who practice only the most Rare and Ancient forms of True Magick. This includes White Magick, Grey Magick, Wicca, Chakra Healing and Voodoo. We are able to personally conjure Spirits, Entities and Ghosts and bind them within a vessel for you as you desire. Please send all necessary information along with your request such as your Name and Date of Birth as well as any information you have about the particular spirit(s) or spells you desire.

It's okay to buy more than one spell at a time, in fact it can often times increase the power of your spell. By doing so, you are adding power to your spell cache, which brings great energies to your spiritual aura. In my Castings and Conjurations, I will use a combination of 100% Organic and handcrafted items including candles, oils, and herbs, all chosen specifically for your purpose and astrological circumstances.

Money Back Guarantee

We are very proud to say that we are one of the few Metaphysical sellers to offer a Money Back Guarantee! I am always happy to accept returns. If there is ever a problem with your order or you are not feeling the Powers and Energies, please contact me and I will give you a 100% refund. Item must be returned within 30 days. I cannot give refunds after 30 days, as the spell or Spirit may be fully bound to your energies, and you may continue to reap the benefits of the item even after it has been returned--which is not fair to me as a seller. What goes around comes around is a big belief in my practice. I would not like to take the money of any of my clients unless they feel that they have gained something. I want everyone who purchases from me to feel safe and secure with their purchase.


We have have been Top Rated Sellers Since 2007!

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Guaranteed Results or your Money Back!

When you purchase from Lothorian Magick, not only are you getting the Most Powerful Metaphysical Items Available, but you are Gaining a True Friend who will be happy to answer your Questions and guide you along in your Spiritual Journey of Magick and Mystery!


THANK YOU to all of our Buyers and Returning Customers who have made LOTHORIANMAGICK© the Most Trusted and #1 Metaphysical Store among Paranormal Collectors in the World! * BLESSED BE!


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