**WEALTH DJINN** BLOOD MOON of WEREWOLVES Wolf Tribe Amulet of Ultimate POWER! Wisdom ~ Gain STRENGTH Abundance Success 13 Wolf & Moon Rituals!


This Powerful Item contains Ancient Magick and Rituals like None Other! Very POWERFUL! Handle with care! All Wishes shall be Granted!

This Magnificent Werewolf Amulet was Cast & Conjured under the mystical Blood Moon by the Skilled Master Alchemists of the Sacred Circle. 13 Wolf & Moon rituals were performed under the Midnight Moon in the Forest of Sacred Trees.

This Vessel channels the Ancient Native American Magick & Mysticism of the Wolf Spirit to unleash Positive Energy and Good Luck exponentially!

Unleash the Unparalleled Power of the WEREWOLF! This is an Extraordinarily Rare and Spiritual Entity! He is of Great Cosmic POWER! This All-Mighty Wolf-Pack Leader is nearly 3,000-years-old and has reached the Highest Level of Enlightenment!

Beaming Centuries-Old Magic! Awaken the Sacred Powers of the Ancient Werewolf! Gain Heightened Senses & Abilities such as Strength, Confidence, Power and Intelligence! Boost your IQ! 

CAUTION!: This Vessel contains Supreme Wealth Powers and has granted Past Masters Extraordinary Riches, Abundance and Prosperity! Your Life shall be forever Enchanted!

Don't let this Rare and Powerful Item slip away!
You must possess this Item before it's too late!

Here are just a few of the Metaphysical Powers this Vessel holds:

Gain Wealth & Prosperity
Conjure Raw Energy
Luck in Business
Financial Opportunity
Self Advancement
Self Confidence
Super-Charged Healing
Increase Astral Visions
Healing Power
Psychic Abilities
Boosting Psychometric Energy
Gathering Knowledge
Attracting Spirits and Energies
Aiding in Magickal Practice
Healing Ailments
Overcoming Obstacles
Material Abundance
Promoting Positivity & POWER
Protection From Curses and Hexes
Strengthening Your Bond with the Spirit World


Manifestations include (but are not limited to): Smoke, Fire, Orbs, Flashes of Light, Beaming Energy, Whispers, Voices, Unexplained Noise, Knocking, Footsteps, Moving Objects, Shadows Within Shadows, Blurs, Temperature Changes, Energy Shifts, Dream Manifestations, and more. Experience the intense powers and energies for yourself!

The Powerful Spells upon this Vessel will be Cast & Conjured for you with Ultimate Power and Potency!  We guarantee you the Most Powerful Spell you can find, or your Money Back! Simply wear this Sacred Item to Gain It's vast Blessings, Benefits, and Rewards! If you have any Questions, please send me a message for I am always Happy to Help!


Thank You & Blessed Be!

100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed
Real Magick. Real Results.


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