Enchanted Pagan Wiccan Spell Ritual Amulet of Wealth ~ Celebrity Luxury & Riches Spell Necklace! Haunted Pendant .925!


This particular enchanted item is cast with a powerful Celebrity Luxury & Riches spell to become Wealthy and Successful today! This item possess intense energies that will attract Opportunity and Success wherever you go! If you have always dreamed of becoming rich and famous with plenty of fans, this spell will speed things up for you in no time. Soon, your phone will be ringing with tons of offers to choose from; all of which will make you rich and famous and in the public eye. Use this spell to boost your chances when entering talent contests, during job interviews and even while playing the Lottery. This ring will bring Luck into your life wherever you go! Gain self-confidence, beauty and tons of money! You will exude an extravagant appearance of wealth, intelligence and control. Not only gain Fortune and Fame, but total admiration, and respect from all of your peers. With this spell, you can live the life of total luxury you have always dreamed of!

This Pendant measures 1.5" in length by 3/4" inches wide. 

Also included is an 18" Sterling Silver chain.