Haunted Paranormal Pure Blood Carpathian Vampire Priestess of Unlimited Wishes Djinn Genie Ring! .925 * Astral Energy ~ Extreme PARANORMAL Elite Occult WEALTH $$


This Haunted Pure Blood Carpathian Vampire Priestess Ring is one that truly reaches into the deepest and most passionate realms of the Paranormal World. This amazing vessel is eternally blessed by a 6th Century B.C. Vampire Goddess. She was born as mortal in Romania where she became a gifted High Priestess. She fell in love with Master Vampire Arcadius and soon inhabited his many powerful gifts. As her skills began to grow, so did her Immortality. Her power soon became greater than his own and she transcended her glorious energy into all items she owned. As a mortal, she left behind her many powerful spells and rituals. The Coven of Vigothus and I are the only ones who possess her artifacts and the sacred Summoning ritual of the Vampire Goddess (her name is protected, of course, for this reason) to communicate with her. We have been passing down her great knowledge and amazing power to those truly in need for centuries with incredible results! We are truly honored to share her great gifts with everyone through this beautiful Vessel.

We summon this sacred Vampire High Priestess through many hours of intense rituals. Each item is custom conjured just to fit your needs! We call upon her to send us the most Powerful Pure Blood Carpathian Vampire entity to help you with your situation and bring you the maximum Strength and Energy available! Possessing one of the Vampire Priestess' guardians means you will be forever Protected and Guided by the High Priestess herself. You will be considered one of the Elite within the Spirit World and treated as nothing else than extreme Royalty.

Carpathian Vampires use their telepathic abilities to 'call' humans to them in order to feed. They are here to fulfill your life with pleasure and bring intuition, psychic power and knowledge to their human possessors. All vampires were once Carpathians. These entity is of a Pure Bloodline and exudes maximum power & strength. These entities are extremely sexual beings and will bring great passion and romance into your life! You will find that this spirit will make a wonderful guardian and companion for you and your loved ones!

Here are just a few of the vast Blessings and gifts you will obtain:

~Wealth, Prosperity and Vast Riches
~Beauty and Everlasting Youth
~Heightened intuition/Clairvoyance
~Ability to sense Astral Energies
~Gift of Reading Imprints
~Reading the thoughts of others
~Planting subliminal thoughts into the minds of others
~The Gift of Persuasion
~Gathering and projecting energy
~Success in Love and Relationship Issues
~Heightened Sexual Ability
~Extreme Fulfillment of Desires & Passion
~Promoting positive energy exchange
~Bringing guidance and protection from evil
~Promoting a tranquil environment
~Protection against energy Vampires and Leeches

This Powerful Vampire entity also brings great Sexual Advancement, Heightened Passion and fulfillment of all Desires:

~Promoting Sex Appeal
~Spice up your current relationships
~Attract New Love and Romance
~Supercharging Your Libido & Stamina
~Heightened Charisma/Charm
~Promoting Seductive Traits
~Releasing Inhibitions
~Vivid Sexual Dreams
~Bringing Intense Orgasms
~Igniting Hidden Passions
~Promoting self confidence and self esteem
~Making You Irresistible to Everyone


Manifestations include (but are not limited to): Orbs, Dark Shadows, Whispers, Temperature Changes, Shadows Within Shadows, Blurs and so much more. Experience the intense power for yourself!

Note: You do not have to wear this item for the Powers to affect your Life. Keeping it in a Charging box, Charm bag or simply Carrying it with you will do just fine!