**RARE** ILLUMINATI ORACLE OF KHASTAZIA Knights Templar Freemason Skull & Bones Occult Paranormal Ring Millionaire Wealth Elite Status Ultimate Power Success Fortune Good Luck $$$ Magick DJINN / Genie Artifact Relic 100,000 WISHES **


Sold Out


***Ultimate Haunted Collections with Elite Purpose***

Haunted Illuminati Templar Elite Oracle Ring


DJINN Goddess Legandon

Ultimate Ring of Most Powerful Goddess of Wishes

Limited Time
~The Warlock's Templar~
Rare Opportunity to Own The Best of The Best
Extremely Powerful, Never to be Offered Again

The Ring of DJINN Goddess Legandon dwells within the Labyrinth which The Knights of Khastazia and The Templar entered. All walls that were made of tall green hedges, most of them contained roses and dark colored flowers. This Labyrinth was only about 15 acres in all, but the hard part was getting through to the middle where the most magic is yet to come. This Labyrinth contains so many Haunted items of power, this is one of those items from the Labyrinth, they are all in the center. This land is a land of Magic, the Labyrinth is fair and of the white light, when people try to cheat to get into the middle, this maze plays tricks and uses its magic against the cheater, but the people that tried, and went in with faith, they were greatly rewarded by the powers and spirits of the Labyrinth. Always the Sky was mysteriously dark with cloud, fog circled the land, sparkles flowed in the air like fairy dust. Only a few people reached the middle, they were rewarded greatly.

The Templar Found this Ring in the Labyrinth . They received items that were from other witches and warlock that have entered the Labyrinth.

The Master Ring of Legandon a Royal Templar Ring of Khastazia. It is used to bring wishes, This ring contains a DJINN Goddess of Khastazia which are some of the Most powerful Angels in the Universe. This ancient Angel Legandon in this ring is extremely Powerful when it comes to wishes. She is the best at what she does, she has the Heavens on her side. Legandon has made thousands of wishes come true. With The Templar using this Ring the powers doubled, only the members of this group were allowed to even wear it.

This is an extreme haunted item, and a rare one at that. As This rare haunted item entered into The Templar layer, powers became so extreme that people who are sensitive to these powers will feel a slight tingle. There are over 2000 spells cast upon this ring, it is a recipe for success. Millions upon millions of dollars have been made, this is a fact, The Templar protected this ring so much because of the fact that it will bring fortunes.

"All Those Who Possess This Ancient Artifact Shall Gain All Wishes of Elite Power" - The Warlock's Templar meeting, 1983

Djinn Goddess Legandon is an expert on granting Wishes, the powers of this Ring even impress the most dedicated Haunted Collectors. This ring can be worn by male or female, Witch or warlock, or by a regular person.

The Templar named this Ring The Crest Goddess Legadon. Crest Representing a Master Object unto this World.

As a Result of using this Artifact, you will become so of Pure Wealth, money will no longer be a issue. The Abundance of happiness will be given. The Power is Too Powerful, there is a Warning with this Andorium, this Vessel may very well not be for you. Only a person who TRULY wants to be of Pure Power, and who wants to Help people may can obtain this Sacred Ring of Elite Wealth & Power. There is a Huge power that will be forced into your life that contains Greatness, the Purest Blessings of the Universe. This God-like Power will create The Unimaginable.......

In 1983, in a Secret Society known as Skull and Bones, Made this Ancient Vessel from a Millionaires Jewel in England from 1971. This Coin is so precious Sacred Blessed Coin that contains Millionaire Powers of Abundance. EVERYONE who has used this Medallion becomes a Millionaire, Everyone. The Warlock Jewel blessed to bring a over abundance of powers to the user. Give in respects to a wealthy businessmen by the warlock
When you become wealthy, you must help others such as your family and friends, so they too can live a life of happiness.

This is NOT intended to be a simple haunted item. It is extremely complex with energy, and will become your master item. It has been hidden for centuries with the worlds greatest leaders, and creators.

Beware, this is not a simply haunted item. The Entity inside, The Elite Djinn Goddess, and Universal beings, use the powers wisely, with the intent to gain Wealth for yourself and to help others. Failure to do so will cause powers to be unbalanced. Meditate about this item, dwell on it, ask yourself, can You handle the Most Powerful item in the World.

With this Templar Artifact, you will live life the way you want

This item will give you the powers. What you are seeing, is a Elite Object, One of The Most Powerful and Intense in the world.

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