About Us August 30 2013

Lothorian MagickĀ is a Metaphysical shop offering Spell cast and Magickal items rooted in the Earth and Old World Tradition.

Our Items are cast and conjured using the same Ancient Rituals our Ancestors used centuries ago. We are honored to offer a plethora of White Magick Items from a vast array of Occult practices. This includes Pagan, Alchemy and Druid traditions.

We are deeply connected to the Sacred Energies of the Earth, Nature and the Forest. We use only the finest supplies and ritual tools in our castings to guarantee you the most powerful and potent spell available. All oils, herbs, candles and incense used are handmade and organically grown in my garden. All of our items are imbued with the Benevolent Blessings of Mother Earth.

You do not have to be a Pagan, Wiccan, or Witch to reap the benefits of our Metaphysical Items. All are Welcomed into our Circle!