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Quick FAQ:

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Pure Magick: All Items Contain 100% Pure White Light Energies
Fast Results: It Generally takes 1 Full Moon Cycle (about 30 days) for the Powers to be working to their Full & Maximum Powers and Ability!
Safe for All: We offer only the Highest Class & Quality Energy that are Safe and work well with Children & Pets. We never offer Items containing Negative Energy. Our Items will not hurt or harm you in Any way!
Sacred Power: Our items contain real Positive Magick and Can be worn in Religious Gatherings, Churches & Spiritual Ceremonies. Our Items are Blessed by God & Contain Holy Light Energy (Ancient Magick of The Templar Knights & Holy Grail)
Easy To Use: To Unleash the Metaphysical and Spiritual Energies of our Items, Simply Wear, Carry, or Store in a Safe Place
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Why buy from Lothorian Magick?

The Magick we practice is that of the Oldest and Most Powerful in the Universe. I have dedicated my life to Paranormal Research and Exploration. The Items I share with you are of the Most Powerful and Genuine Paranormal Items you will find. These Items come of Genies/Djinn, Dragons, Vampires, Goddesses, Faeries, and so much more. My team and I have traveled through out the US, England-Haunted Capital of The World, Middle East, Asia, and The Caribbeans. Most people on eBay know that My team and I have had uncovered some of the most important Paranormal discoveries of the last 3 decades. These places include Old Lorimier, The Ghostly Hauntings of The Plas-Teg Estates, The Gloddaeth Woods, Dragholm's Lot, The Tomb of Ahktun Mya'ar and the 7 Realms of the Lost Nordic Gate. I am honored to present these great Paranormal discoveries to all those who truly believe and seek the Power of these genuine sacred Spirit Vessels.

All of the Haunted and Paranormal Items I have to offer possess great Energies and real Power. These items are cast and conjured by highly skilled Master Shaman, High Priests, Witches and Warlocks from all over the world. The spirits inhabiting these vessels are very complex, for they are of another realm and possess power that most of us can only dream of. Their abilities are far more advanced and much more intense than anything we know today as humans. These items are ones that reach into the deepest and most passionate realms of the Paranormal world. They will enter in to the very core of your imagination. Their powers are intense and strong for they are real-Very real.

Shipping - How will my Order be Shipped?

We ship via USPS First Class Mail (3-5 business days) from the United States of America. Please allow an additional 1-2 business days for Handling time as we perform the final Casting and Rituals for you under the light of the Moon. We offer FREE Shipping Worldwide! International orders are Shipped via USPS First Class International Mail (14-21 business days). Please note that these times may vary by country and I cannot be held responsible for delays in shipping time once the package has been posted.

What is a "Haunted Item"?

A Haunted, Paranormal or a Metaphysical item is any vessel that contains the Powers of a Spirit, Entity, or Metaphysical Force of Energy. This may also include paranormal properties and attributes of Spells, Rituals and Conjurations that are imbued into the Item. We obtain rare and sacred occult vessels around the World with Ancient Metaphysical Power. We also perform thousands of spell castings and rituals in the tradition of our great ancestors of centuries ago. These Sacred Rituals are cast in great respect to real and traditional occult practice and aligned in perpetual balance with nature. Invoking these energies will allow you to gain Rewards, Blessings and benevolent Powers. All is possible if you truly Believe in the Power of Magick.

Why are you Selling items of such Power?

True Metaphysical Items have been hidden away among the Wealthy and Elite for too long. It is time to release the Powers unto those who truly Need them. I made a promise to myself long ago, that no matter how Powerful an Item is I need to remember why I sought after it in the first place, and that is to Help others. There have been times where I have loved an item or particular Spirit (Djinn, Dragon, Vampire, Angel, etc) so much, that it truly hurt to let it go -- but I am here to Help those who do not have the resources, time, money and/or opportunity to find these Rare items. I am very much blessed with Wealth, Success, Time and Opportunity. For me to keep an item like this would simply be out of Greed, which goes against all of my spiritual, moral, religious, and ethical beliefs. I am a very strong believer in Karma; for me to keep items of this Power any longer, I would be taking something away from the people that are truly in need. That is not the path of a true Witch and goes against my nature on this spiritual plane of existence. Giving people a chance to own tools of such Benevolent and Life-Changing Power is my calling. Our items are priced at the value of cost in which we paid to obtain them, or, for which it costs to perform the rituals (such as organic and rare herbs, oils, calling upon various spiritual advisors, access to top-secret occult locations, traveling to a particular location in alignment with the stars, etc.) No matter how much an item may bring to us spiritually or personally, I must let it go to Help Others.

What makes the Sacred Items and Rituals of Lothorian Magick different from other Metaphysical shops? 

Truth and Real Magick, to put it simply! We use only the most sacred rituals to perform our castings - The same ancient rituals our ancestors used for centuries, making our spells the most powerful and accurate available. The tools and ingredients we use to perform our spells are the most authentic available. We never use cheap oils or herbs in our Spellwork. Our rituals are performed in accordance with the particular alignment of the sun, moon and stars for Top Level accuracy and potency. This means that we often travel, up to 100 miles away to perform our Rituals, just as our Ancestors have Centuries ago. All of our Spell potions are 100% organic to guarantee you the most powerful casting possible. 

How long does it take for the Spell to work? 

It usually takes one Full Moon cycle (about 30 days) for the Spell or Spirit entity to fully bond to your spiritual energies (be it first quarter moon to first quarter moon, full-moon to full moon, and so on). Some spells start working right away, others may take longer. It often depends on how much experience you have in working with Paranormal items, as the more knowledge you have in your Craft, the easier it will be to feel the energies and experience the powers of Metaphysical items. 

Do I have to wear a particular Item for the spell to work? 

No, you do not have to wear our Metaphysical Items for their Powers to affect your Life - Keeping them in a Charging box, Charm bag, or simply Carrying it with you will do just fine! The energies of our items are very strong and will bring great Power and Blessings without even wearing them! Once your spiritual energies are connected to the Powers of this item, it's Blessings will reach you wherever you go! 

Can I wear more than one Spellcast piece at a time? 

Yes, you can wear as many of our items together as you like. You can mix our items with paranormal Jewelry you have received from other sellers if the energies are positive and do not contain evil spirits or spells that will harm others. 

Can wear my White Light items with Dark Magick items? 

We do not recommend that you mix your White Light items with other items cast of Dark Magick. These two polar Energies will conflict rendering the Vessels unable to perform to maximum Ability. Often the Energies or Spells will "cross" with one another, causing the Spirits or Energies to either Fight or Freeze, making it difficult to utilize the Power of either items. Be cautions, as the Powers may be banished or altered negatively against you -- If you own Dark Magick (Reverse-Light) items, they should be stored in a separate charging box or keepsake and never worn on your body at the same time as the White Magick (Benevolent) vessels. "White Magick" refers to the Light of the Creator, the Wisdom of the Sun, Moon and Stars -- the Most Powerful and Pure form of Spiritual Energy and Truth on Earth. Be cautions of Metaphysical shops who manipulate these Sacred terms.

Can I have this item re-sized by a Jeweler? 

We recommend that you keep the Vessel as is, especially if the Item is of Historical value or contains a Djinn or Ancient Spirit. I would not recommend performing alterations to any Haunted or Paranormal item. When melting down Sacred metals, you run a high risk of affecting the Spell or transforming the Energies of the Item. If you truly have to re-size an item, please take the item to a Paranormal item Jeweler who knows how to re-size a haunted item without altering the energies of the item. A Haunted or Spiritual Jeweler is trained in keeping these Ancient Powers within the vessel intact, and the Sacred Spirits within unharmed. 

If you do not see the particular size you need, feel free to send me a message and ask. I just might have your size available! Also note that you do not have to Wear your Magickal item to receive the Blessings of the Vessel. 

Do items of Lothorian Magick come with instructions? Is there a Ritual required? 

The Powers of our item(s) have been fully cast & conjured for your own personal aura. Simply wear the vessel to activate and unleash the magnificent Power of Ancient Magick!

Note: For some Items, a Secret chant or Ritual may be included along with the Shipment of your Order. The completion/activation ritual is not required, but encouraged for best Results.

What will I expect to feel upon receiving my item? 

Some people will feel a warm or cool sensation in their hands or body after holding their new Magickal item. This is the Energy within the Vessel unleashing It's Sacred Power unto your own personal Aura. Some people are more sensitive to Paranormal Energies and feel the Powers more strongly - Each individual's experience will be different. 

Do I have to use candles and incense? What Kind? How many? 

It is recommended that you light candles and incense - However, It is not required. These tools allow you to purify your sacred space and make for a better meditation ritual. It is for relaxation and atmosphere - It will not affect the outcome or potency of the Spell if you choose not to use them. You can use any scents you desire and any amount you choose. Simply one small white candle and Sandalwood or Patchouli incense would be suitable for your ritual. You can also burn herbs and oils to purify your sacred space - anything you desire. Feel free to experiment and make this ritual your own, for the more personal your ritual, the better results you shall see. 

Do I have to perform the ritual on the night of a Full Moon? 

You can perform the ritual on any night of your choice after the sun has fully set and the moon is present (example 10PM to 10PM). It is not necessary to perform the Chant during any particular Moon phase, unless you desire to do so. The Ritual has been fully Cast & Completed for you. Simply recite the Secret Chant to Unleash the Power.

Note: The Full Moon does indeed contain great energies, so if you do wish to perform the ritual on the night of the Full Moon, you may find that a little extra Magick just might come your way! 

I cannot see the Moonlight where I am to perform the ritual - What should I do? 

If you do not have a clear view of the moon from your current location, there is no need to worry - Simply perform the Chant Ritual indoors as instructed - then take your vessel outside with you and hold it in your hands for at least 11 minutes. The energies of the Moon shall awaken the Powers within your Magickal piece. After you have completed the charging process outdoors, return the ring indoors as you place the item on your windowsill to charge undisturbed for 24 hours. You can also substitute the charging process of the Moonlight for that of Charging Crystals or a Charging Box, if they are available to you!  

How many times do I say the chant? 

You only have to recite the invocation chant once during your initial activation ritual. While there is no harm in repeating it more than once, it will not bring any extra power to your spell whether you recite it once or one hundred times. After you have performed the ritual and the item has been fully charged, you can use the chant to to invoke your entity before communicating, bonding, or making wishes. It is your choice. By being an owner of a Paranormal entity it is up to you to decide what is best to do by being in touch with your own spiritual energies and invoking the Power within you. Always be sure to ask your spirit guides for help and look to the Gods and Goddesses for assistance for they are always there to guide you along your path! 

How do I care for my Haunted or Spellcast vessel? 

Maintaining your Paranormal items is just as important as keeping good hygiene and maintaining a clean house. In order for a spell to work at it's full potential you must keep the vessel in good condition. For vintage or antique items, you must handle with care as some may be fragile due to age. Do not submerge your item under water other then while you are cleaning it. Always clean with lukewarm water, mild soap and a soft cloth. Never wear your item while handling chemicals or harsh cleaners. Take your vessel off during situations where your item may potentially get scratched or damaged. Try not wear the item while you shower or wash your hands. It is okay if you forget sometimes, but please understand that water may harm some vessels and cause them to tarnish which can affect the spell or weaken it's power. If a stone should happen to fall out, do your best to repair it. The entity will thank you greatly! 

After you have performed the activation ritual the powers of the item will be bound to your energies alone unless otherwise noted. It is important that you take care of the vessel and not let anyone else borrow it. It is okay if someone else touches the your item or tries it on for a brief period of time, though letting someone else wear it for several hours may confuse the energies of the vessel as it tries to shift powers unto the new possessor. This will make it harder for you to reap the benefits of the spell and utilize it's abilities. 

If ever you are in doubt if the item is working to it's full potential, I would recommend performing the invocation ritual once more and placing your item in a charging box for 24-48 hours. Make sure the powers of the charging box are sacred and genuine, cast by someone of the highest skill such as a Shaman or Warlock High Priest. This will regenerate the Powers of your magickal vessel and you will be able to experience the item at it's maximum Power. 

What can I do for my Spirit/Entity to increase bonding time or to generally make them Happy? 

You will find that when an entity is Happy the greater Power and Blessings you will receive. Letting your entities simply know that you care can bring upon great and unexpected rewards! The easiest way to build a relationship with a spirit is to communicate with them everyday. For best results, I recommend that you meditate for at least 13 minutes until you reach a total state of relaxation. Invoke your spirit with the chant I have provided or through your own methods. You can communicate through mind power or by vocal speech, which ever you feel comfortable doing. Communicate with them as if they were an old friend, tell them of your day or what may be troubling you. Spirits desire for the possessors to confide in them. They are here to help and guide your along your path. If you open up to them, they will know exactly how to help and will bring upon great Blessings! 

Another way to make your spirit more comfortable is by offering them gifts and utilizing spiritual tools. Pendulum work is a very effective way to communicate with the Paranormal. Entities love receiving gifts such as Herbs, Oils, Incense, Candles, Potions, Music, Poetry or even gifts of Food. Remember that paranormal entities are completely aware of your heart and your intentions. If you cannot afford a proper alter of gifts they will understand, for they can sense your loving place of heart and that is what is important. 

I don't believe the spell is working - What am I doing Wrong? 

There can be several reasons why a particular Spell may not manifest. The most common is that the Possessor hasn't given the spell enough time. You must give the Powers time to properly bound with your own Spiritual Energies before you can expect to see significant results. Spells can take several weeks, especially when an individual is New to Magick. Another issue can be that you may be overlooking the subtle blessings that the Spell may have already brought to you, (for example, with a luck spell you may have found something you've been looking for, a bill is sightly lower than normal, etc.) just because you haven't won the state lottery this week, doesn't mean the spell isn't working. Spellcaft and karma also go hand in hand, perhaps your bad karma is keeping you from reaching your full potential. You must be very attentive when it comes to Magick, you cannot overlook anything. And most importantly you must always Believe and always Be Positive in your practice! 

Still have a Question you would like to ask?

We are here to Help! Send us a message any time to the Secret e-mail address provided along with your Order. Please be sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions page above thoroughly, for many helpful tips regarding the Power of these Sacred items are found on this page. 

Note: We recieve thousands of e-mails each day from around the World. If our response is delayed, it may be due to our traveling schedule ~ If you have not yet received a response to your message, please be sure to check your spam folder and your your e-mail settings. Again, please use the Secret e-mail address provided along with your Order.

Tip: Be sure to include your Order number for the most efficient answers to your questions. We are here for you!

Please note that our Magick services are used by many in dire need that require VIP Priority, these situations can be life-threatening, such as Terminal Illness, Cancer, Unsafe or Toxic Environments. We want to make sure these severe situations are our Top Priority!

We are TOP RATED 5 Stars around the World for our Wealth Magick and High Level Power Artifacts used by many of the Top Elite including some of the Most Famous and Successful Celebrities, Inventors, Actors and Business People around the World ~ These Questions often require URGENT response as they may effect World Events! 

We are always Happy to answer any Questions you may have, for it is our Great Honor to perform these Castings for you and are here to Help! Unless we are on a Journey or Traveling, we are usually able to respond to questions within 24-48 hours. Thank You and Blessed Be!

Love & Light,

Master Joseph & Lady Ellewyn