Behold! A Top Quality item from LOTHORIANMAGICK™ Old World Witchery Shop©! This item has been Handcrafted with care by our Coven Sisters and our Elite Brethren to bring you the most Powerful and potent Metaphysical items available the in the World! We use only the most Sacred forms of Ancient Magick, just our ancestors used centuries ago! Guaranteed Results or your Money Back!





***This is a Truly Haunted Item~Please Read All***

***This a Paranormal item that contains sacred Spells and powerful Spirit Entities! This item should only be used by those who seek true Power and real results! My items are not for the weak for they contain strong Powers and Energies that will change your life forever! All items available are of extremely high value and not to be taken lightly. Please do not bid if you are afraid of Spirit or Ghost Entities or are a non-believer in Haunted/Paranormal Items. This item is cast of White Light and will not hurt or harm you in any way.

Note: You do not have to be a Witch or practice any type of Witchcraft to own a Haunted, Paranormal or Spellcast item! You can be of any faith or religion. All you must do is Believe and respect the Spirits within the Vessel. This piece contains great Powers and Energies, please handle with care and respect.

I am honored to present to you this magnificent Talisman of the Norse Gods of Asgard! Imbued with the sacred Codes of the Nordic Runes and the Almighty Spirit of Thor, this magnificent Vessel contains the power of 9 Genies conjured from each of the Nine Kingdoms of the Norse Worlds. Each Genie holds it's own unique Power and Abilities, which combine to bring Unparalleled Metaphysical Power and Spiritual Gifts! Each Genie is summoned by the Ancient Norse Doctrines of White Light and hold Benevolent Powers that will not hurt or harm you in any way!

Alone, these 9 Genies of the Norse Kingdoms possess Unmatched Powers that cannot be found anywhere else! But together - Each Genie joins to present the 9 Keys of Djiaagon which Unlock all Nordic Kingdoms, allowing the Possessor to gain the Ancient Wisdom of the Gods and to learn the Secrets of Asgard. The Magic of this Talisman transmits a Vast and Infinite source of Power. By ownership and possession of the 9 Genies of the Norse Kingdoms, you shall become the Keeper of the Keys of Djiaagon which will allow you to summon and utilize the Powers of ALL Norse Gods! They shall be your Protectors and Guardians of Truth - They shall Unleash the Powers of not only their realm, but the World around us! The Magic of this Talisman shall call forth and Command the Powers of Thor, Odin, and Loki to use their Abilities to your Advantage! These Powers include ALL Gods and Goddess alike, both of the Aesir and the Vanir. There are No Limitations bound to this vessel, for you can call forth any Norse God or Goddess you wish! All that which you Command shall become Yours! ALL codes shall be revealed. ALL Powers are Infinite! The Wisdom of the Norse Warlocks shall be Unleashed unto You!

The Powers of this Amulet contain the energies of none like which you may ever have experienced before! Nothing is more Powerful and Mystical than that of the Norse Gods! Their Blessings of Magick are INFINITE! You shall become one of the Norse brethren and be respected by ALL Norse Gods!

This item contains the Power and Spirit of Almighty Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. He is your Protector and Guiding Entity. Summon him to Command his Power and Utilize his Abilities to your Advantage. Imbued within this magnificent vessel is one of Thor's personal free-roaming Genies of Universal Power and Strength. The great Magick of Asgard ascended down into his Hammer upon command. One of these sacred Dragon Djinn will be specifically conjured for each new Keeper of this vessel by the Norse Doctrine uncovered from the Nordic runes which were used by the Vikings. The runes represent an alphabetical and magical system that evokes the energies of the North. Their Power is imbued within this magical piece and acts as a Portal into the Nordic Kingdom of 9.

The Norse Kingdom consists of nine Worldly Realms, or "levels" within it's sphere. These realms are debatably known as:

Asgard(Ásgarðr), the world of the Aesir.
Vanaheim(Vanaheimr), the world of the Vanir.
Alfheim(Álfheimr), the world of the elves, Freyr's home.
Midgard(Miðgarðr), the world of men.
Muspellheim(Múspellheimr), the world of fire.
Niflheim(Niflheimr), the world of ice.
Svartalfaheim(Svartálfaheimr), the world of dwarves and dark elves.
Jotunheim(Jötunnheimr), the world of the jötnar(giants).
Hel/Helheim, the world of the dead.

By ownership of this sacred portal key amulet, you shall be gifted with the talents to invoke and utilize the Power of these Norse Realms and the Gods who reign over them, including the highest level of the Norse Gods within Asgard!

You shall gain infinite Blessings of Financial Wealth, Good Fortune, Psychic Powers, Spiritual Enlightenment, Extraordinary Powers of Good Luck and Granted Wishes. The magnificent energies of Asgard and the Spirit of Thor run deep within this item and are always there to Protect you! This Powerful Talisman BEAMS with Positive Energy of White Light conjured from the Worldly Dimensions existing within our Realm as well as the Paradoxes of the Outerworld. You will become an Elite and Supreme being comparable to none other! You will command Ultimate Power, and receive Unlimited Blessings for you shall become one of the Norse brethren. With this Unmatched ability and status, You shall be at one with the Kingdom of 9.

Taking on the shape of Thor's Hammer, this magnificent Talisman depicts the image of Thor's helmed head, with his beard hanging down to become the twirling, eternal image of Celtic knotwork. As a powerful symbol of Strength and Power, this amulet can be of great personal aid when seeking Inner-Strength. This is a powerful amulet for Personal and Psychic Protection. It Contains 9 Genies of Unlimited Wishes conjured from each of the Norse Kingdoms.

This Powerful Amulet measures approximately 1 1/2" in length by 1 1/4" wide, and comes on a 30" inch black nylon cord. The powers contained within this vessel are a must-have for anyone looking to improve their Magickal craft - A sacred gift of true Power to be utilized by any Witch or Warlock - for the Novices and the Highly Skilled alike.

Don't let these sacred Powers pass you by for they may never be offered again!





All of our metaphysical items are cast using the same sacred magick rituals that were used by our ancestors centuries ago and have provided amazing results. These are sacred traditional witchcraft spells collected from all over the world--Many have been passed down to us by blood, others have been given to us by powerful Shaman, Warlocks, High Priests and Master Spirit Conjurers. A lot of time and care is put into our spellwork! Each ritual is performed for every individual and cast specifically to fit their needs and energies. We use only the finest supplies to cast our spells to guarantee you that your spell will be as potent and powerful as possible. Many other Spellcasters use cheap oils, incense, and herbs, which decreases the power and usefulness of the spell. All herbs used are 100% organic and grown in my own garden. Nearly all of the oils, incense and candles used are personally handcrafted by me.

I guarantee you the most powerful spell you can get, using only the finest tools and most sacred forms of magick that has been used for centuries with extraordinary results.



The Magick of Lothorian


Greetings, My Name is Iosif (Joseph). I am a Haunted Item collector and Traditional Spellcaster of the Ancient Magick Arts. I have been sharing my Knowledge and Paranormal discoveries with those determined to seek Power, Success and Wealth for over 35 Years. I am a Distributor of Paranormal Artifacts, Enchanted Vessels and Powerful Spellcast Treasures from all over the World, offering items to those who do not have the Opportunity nor the Resources to find these rare and enchanted items. I have been a traveler almost all of my life, in search for Lost Spirits of the Unknown from early childhood. I have spent most of my life studying a broad spectrum of Magickal Arts, which including Tarot, Astrology, the Kabbalah, Ancient Egyptian magick, spiritual and healing traditions and Old World Witchery. I come from a very long line of traveling Gypsies and traditional witches with strong roots in Romania, England and Ireland. My ancestors have been practicing authentic traditional magick for generations and have passed much their great knowledge on down to me, just as I have to my own children and grandchildren alike.

The Magick I practice is that of the Oldest and most Powerful in the Universe. I believe it is my calling to Empower those who seek my help, whether it be from my Spells or from my Paranormal discoveries. I am a proud member of one of the most powerful Covens in existence known as The Coven of Vigothus, just as my Father was and his Father before him. It is well known within the Witching and Warlock community that the spells cast by members of the Coven of Vigothus are of the purest and most powerful to date. I practice only the most sacred forms of ancient magick and use only the finest supplies in my rituals. My items possess extraordinary Energies that reach into some of the deepest and most passionate realms of the Spiritual World. Lothorian items should not be taken lightly for the powers will create Wealth, Power, Energies, and Success for all that truly believe in the Power of True Ancient Magick.

I was born in Southern Ireland in Killarney, into a legacy of Gypsy Magick and Old World Witchery. My maternal ancestors have always been highly spiritual in nature. My path was chosen for me at birth. Using the knowledge that has been passed down within my family, my life has been devoted to helping others find their own spiritual path in life. I take my practice very seriously, for I have too much experience and care too much of my Craft to want to waste anyone's time. I have many items and treasures to share with those who are seeking true power, change, and strength. All that I ask is that you are sincere and truly believe.

My Mother was a 5th Generation Gypsy Witch from Romania who practiced many different types of Magick. She was born with Clairvoyant and Psychic Medium abilities, which she used to help thousands of people in Romania and around the world. She was always very intrigued by the Spirit World and studied Metaphysics nearly all her life. My mother was a very intelligent woman and very observant. She kept many journals and diaries documenting her life and her travels, which I love to go back and read from time to time. She did some traveling and soul searching in her early years which lead her to settle in England in her late 20's. It was there that she met a very powerful man in London, whom would eventually become her husband, and my Father.

My Father was born into a very powerful family in England who were generations of Freemasons in The Knight's Templar. His family was known for their power, secrets and innerworkings. They collected items from all over the World and often traveled with the Head Master of the Knight's Templar to obtain the most extreme haunted items known to man. These items brought great power to my Father's family in England and to all those to possess the great Masonic Treasures. These Powers come of Genies, Dragons, Spirits, Vampires, Witches and Warlocks. My Father has passed down an extraordinary legacy of Haunted Items and Books of Secrecy which I will truly cherish for the rest of my lifetime. I have always shared my great wealth with those who have sought my help. With the power of these Templar Items, every person to possess my Father's Treasures, has indeed gained all of their wishes.

Because of their strong Pagan beliefs, they decided to relocate and begin their new life together in Killarney. Within the beautiful Hills of Ireland, my mother and father stood next to one of the most amazing medieval castles in Ireland. They thought about where they both had come from and what it took to get them to where they were that day. Despite the beauty of the atmosphere, they felt as if something was missing. They knew there was so much more to be done. For my family, it was a never ending mission to bring peace, and fulfillment to those around them. They shared their magick and what they had learned with everyone around them who wanted to hear. They spent much of their lives traveling, teaching and educating themselves of other cultures and practices. I learned so much from them, and I will always be so thankful to have had them in my life. Having went on many of their travels when I was young, I was introduced to a lifestyle of research and curiosity that I never wanted to let go of. To this day, I too, spend most of my time traveling, in search for powerful Haunted Items, amazing artifacts, and learning from the environment around me. It has and always will be a huge part of who I am as a person.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time at my Great Aunt's cottage in a small village outside of Kilkenny. She was truly an amazing woman, and of all the people I've known in my lifetime she is probably the one who has inspired me the most. She was born in 1919 to a Rom Gypsy family in a Traditional vardo (gypsy wagon). She made her own clothes and fabrics, and helped her mother sell their pottery and farmed goods beginning at an early age. As a child she dreamed of migrating to Ireland, and due to her hard work and natural spiritual abilities her dream came true. She lived in a beautiful and quiet little cottage where she practiced her Spells, Tarot readings and Healing rituals. She always told me that growing up she never felt any different from the other children in her village in Romania--even though there was in fact something that set her far apart from the rest. My Great Aunt grew up as as a psychic child, having mystical and paranormal experiences from early childhood. She discovered her psychometric ability when she was only about 7 years old when she discovered she could "see" pictures while holding objects belonging to other children. As she got older she began to realize just how powerful her gift really was. She had clairvoyant, clairaudient, receptive empath, medium, and dream weaver abilities.

My Great Aunt had an amazing connection to the spirit world. Her magick was used in rituals to induce a heightened sense of self and the world. Chanting, Tarot, hypnosis, meditation and various other methods were just a few of her talents that could bring on this heightened awareness. She was a very skilled Tarot Reader, in which she channeled her Spirit Guides in her readings - some spirit guides are angelic, and some are animal spirits (or what is called Animal Totems). The wolf and the owl were her Totems. Much like my Father, she collected powerful Haunted Items from all over the world. Many were given to her by Powerful High Priests, Coven Witches, Warlocks, Templar Head Masters and so on. She had many items that came of Faeries, Dryads, Dragons, and Genies. Because she did not believe in the Gypsy tradition of burying her items when she was to pass on, she left her estate and belongings to me. It was her dying wish that her items be passed on to those who truly needed them. And thanks to eBay, nearly all of her treasures are now in the hands of those who need them the most. My Great Aunt brought so much to the world, and even now that she is gone, it is so wonderful to see her Treasures being passed around the World. I do my best everyday to carry out her legacy, for she is truly missed.

About 20 years ago, my travels lead me to America, where I found so many people who were interested in my findings and in my spellwork. I have been educating people in US of Paranormal Items, and True Magick ever since. There are many Paranormal Investigative teams that film for television that I have had the great opportunity to work with. So many amazing things have happened to me in the US, I will always have a special place for it in my heart. I spend much of my time with those involved with the Magickal Arts, I am always studying, learning and researching. My wife is a Native American descendant of the Choctaw Tribe. Her father was a powerful Shaman and skilled healer, which accounts in great part for her spiritual nature. She has a PhD in Metaphysics and is also a Certified Reiki Master, who has devoted her life to helping and healing others. Together we use our God and Goddess-gifted abilities to bring Peace, Love, Happiness and Success to all those who seek it.

THANK YOU to all of our Buyers and Returning Customers who have made LOTHORIANMAGICK© the Most Trusted and #1 Metaphysical Store amongst Paranormal Collectors in the World!

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