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— FREE Shipping & Returns Accepted WORLDWIDE!
Pure Magick: All Items Contain 100% Pure White Light Energies
Fast Results: It Generally takes 1 Full Moon Cycle (about 30 days) for the Powers to be working to their Full & Maximum Powers and Ability!
Safe for All: We offer only the Highest Class & Quality Energy that are Safe and work well with Children & Pets. We never offer Items containing Negative Energy. Our Items will not hurt or harm you in Any way!
Sacred Power: Our items contain real Positive Magick and Can be worn in Religious Gatherings, Churches & Spiritual Ceremonies. Our Items are Blessed by God & Contain Holy Light Energy (Ancient Magick of The Templar Knights & Holy Grail)
Easy To Use: To Unleash the Metaphysical and Spiritual Energies of our Items, Simply Wear, Carry, or Store in a Safe Place
Discrete & Secure Shipping to all countries Worldwide in plain unmarked Packages for your Privacy
— Return within 30 Days for Full Money Back Guarantee!

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