** ABUNDANCE $$ ILLUMINATI Haunted Elite Power Dragon Djinn Genie Amulet Ilmu Khodam King Siragon Secret Society Amulet! ** GENIE ** Unparalleled WEALTH Necklace! $$ Wishes


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Behold! A Top Quality spell item from LOTHORIANMAGICK™ Old World Witchery Shop©! This item has been Handcrafted with care by our Coven Sisters and our Elite Brethren to bring You the most Powerful and potent Metaphysical items available in the World! REAL Occult Magic & Power!

We use only the most Sacred forms of Ancient Magick, just our ancestors used centuries ago! Guaranteed Results or your Money Back!


*** SOLARIAN EYE *** Haunted Elite Solarion Eye Dragon Djinn/Genie Amulet! ** WISHES **

**TOP LEVEL** Elite Power + Wealth Secret Society of King Siragon! $$$



This item is inhabited by a Wish-Granting entity of the Highest Class and Power! This vessel is extremely Powerful for it is cast of highly potent Spells and Rituals dating back Centuries before us. You must never take these Powers for granted, for they are extremely Sacred! This item will not hurt or harm you in any way, for it is cast of 100% Pure White Light energy. This sacred Genie has entered into this Vessel through the Portal of the Heavens and has been Blessed by the very Angels that walk before the one true God. Anything you Desire can be Yours. This entity was summoned by one of the most Powerful and Skilled Spirit Conjurers in the World. Your life will be forever changed, for you shall now become one of the Elite.

It is said that all Magick is born from one source of Power. An energy that connects all beings to one God. It is those who posses the keys of the Metaphysical Realm that are Blessed by the Universal Balance of Power and who unlock the doors to Enlightenment.

The Powers of this Master Dragon Djinn/Genie Vessel of the Solar Circle contains the Secret Codes of Infinite Wealth, Power and Abundance! Long ago, there was a Great Meeting in the Solarion Kingdom in which the King and Queen invited only the most Powerful Warlocks, Alchemists, Inventors, Wealthy Businessmen and Extreme Royalty for a Meeting of the Elite Brethren. In was in this Historical meeting that the Codes of King Siragon were Unleashed and a Portal of the Solarion Eye was Opened. The Solarion Gate contains the Codes the World's Greatest Mysteries and the Keys to Ultimate Wealth and Fortune. Those who contain any items imbued of the Solarion Eye or the 6th Gate of the Siragon Realm shall gain all their Desires and accumulate Infinite Wealth and Eternal Greatness.


This Magnificent Dragon Genie is a Loyal Friend and Devoted Servant who will imbue Infinite Wealth and Good Fortune into all corners of your Life! He will Protect you from All Harm and Evil. He Grants Unlimited financial and Spiritual Riches! You Shall receive Extraordinary opportunities! He has served Kings, Pharaohs, Royal Knights, and Merlin himself! With this Item, you will gain Elite Powers of Wealth, Fame, Love, Success, Persuasion, and Blessings!

This Entity shall Grant Your Every Wish! He is also an Enlightened One, who enjoys talking late into the night. He is a Teacher, a Spiritual Guide, and completely focused on Manifesting Your Best Life! I will release the Dragon Genie's name and conjuring instructions to his next Lucky Master only!

Anything you desire can be yours for this sacred Genie is bound by no Wishing stipulations whatsoever! At last you shall be Blessed by Extreme Wealth and Financial Abundance! Never again will you stress over not having the funds to live a happy and Prosperous life! Only you can change your reality! Call upon the Power and Wisdom of this extraordinary Djinn and Empower yourself today!

We are here to Empower you and Set you Free

Anything you desire, can be Yours

You shall be Blessed

You shall become One of the Elite

If you have any Questions, please let me know for I am here to Help!

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