Djinnya Genie of Wealth, Love, Youth, Beauty, Wishes Healing Magic Haunted Ring!** GYPSY Magick Spell** ~ ARABIAN PRINCESS $$$


This magnificent Amulet contains a sacred Djinnya Genie that grants Wishes and brings Powers of Youth, Beauty, Success, Love, Romance, Happiness and Wealth! She is conjured from the 6th Realm of the Equarixus Gate (Kingdom of Wishes) and is a High-Level spirit of Omniscient ability! All that you desire shall become Yours!

• Gain Wealth
• Increase Intellect
• Gain Wisdom
• Turn Back the Aging Clock
• Promotes Good Health
• Healing Energy
• Look Years Younger
• Aids in Weight Loss
• Have Healthy, Glowing Skin
• Grow Long, Thick, Beautiful Hair
• Eliminate Scars
• Banish Wrinkles
• Brings Good Luck & Wealth
• Spiritual Guidance
• Promotes Positive, Peaceful Energy
• Abundance
• Unlimited Wishes

Measures 0.8" long by 0.3" wide.

Crafted of .925 Sterling Silver.
An 18" Sterling Silver chain is also included.