**GRIS GRIS** PAPA LEGBA Voodoo Magic New Orleans Wealth Spell Lotto JACKPOT ~ Luck & MONEY! Mega WIN! $$$ Handmade Gypsy Witch Talisman! $$ * CROSS of Holy Djinnya!


Behold! A Top Quality spell item from LOTHORIANMAGICK™ Old World Witchery Shop©! This item has been Handcrafted with care by our Coven Sisters and our Elite Brethren to bring You the most Powerful and potent Metaphysical items available in the World! REAL Occult Magic & Power!

We use only the most Sacred forms of Ancient Magick, just our ancestors used centuries ago! Guaranteed Results or your Money Back!



This Magnificent item is cast with an ancient Voodoo spell to bring extreme Good Luck, Wealth and Money to all those who possess this vessel. This sacred ritual was given to us by a very powerful Haitian Witch Doctor of the Highest Class & Power!

It was used for centuries in countries all over the World to bring Ultimate Wealth and Abundance to those in search of a better way of living. Today, it brings great success to those who are particularly interested in the area of Games of Chance and Gambling!

This extraordinary spell holds the power of three (3) Ancient Money spells to Triple your Luck and Winnings! If you wish to Win Big and Strike It Rich, this sacred Voodoo casting is your key to a blissful life of extreme Luxury and Financial freedom!

Whether you play the Slot Machines, Poker, Bingo or Bet on Sporting Events, this item will always put the odds in your favor! Soon, success will be following you wherever you go! Earn money effortlessly by entering contests and playing games - Your children will thank you for it! It can all be as simple as buying a Lottery Ticket! Voodoo Magic has been used for Centuries by people around the World to gain Wealth and become RICH! Your future is in your hands!

Feel the Ancient Voodoo Power of REAL MAGICK! This Voodoo Witch Vessel is of the Highest Class and Power and features Centuries-old Rituals of Great Occult and Magick ability! All Wishes are Granted!

WARNING! The Powers of this sacred vessel are extremely Powerful and not for the weak! This item is cast with and Authentic Voodoo Magick spell performed by Master spirit conjurer and Voodoo Bokor, Masieuoi Dejaian of Haiti. Voodoo Spells are of the most powerful and sacred ritual practices in existence. This item is not to be taken lightly!

Voodoo (also known as Vodun, Vodou, and Sevi Lwa) is one of the oldest forms of Magick practiced in the World. It's roots can be traced back to over 6,000 Years in Africa. Haitian voodoo has an amazing power when it comes to casting effective and accurate spells. Masieuoi Dejaian is one of the most gifted Voodoo Priestesses in Haiti and quite possibly the world. She has over 45 years of experience, having studied these sacred Haitan rituals since she was a small child. Voodoo is in her blood, for she is of African Slave and French Creole heritage. She practices only the most powerful and sacred Voodoo rituals that have been passed down to her through centuries of her ancestors. Voodoo is extremely powerful! Please handle with caution, care and respect.

Note: This spell has been performed through sacred ancestral methods giving safe, fast and powerful results! No evil energies will affect you! Have your way with peace of mind that no karmic repercussions or bad luck/energies will come to you or your loved ones! Try the powers of Authentic Voodoo Magick and feel the power for yourself. This item is extremely potent, please handle with care!

RARE Voodoo Treasure! Limited Availability!

This Powerful 
Voodoo Talisman was Conjured with Sacred Spells & Rituals dating back to Centuries Ago! These Powers have been Cast by the Voodoo Priestess of Louisiana under the light of the sacred Harvest Moon! Experience the REAL Ancient Power of Voodoo & New Orleans Magick like Never Before!

The Powerful Spells upon this Vessel will be Cast & Conjured for you with Ultimate Power and Potency! We guarantee you the Most Powerful Spell you can find, or your Money Back! Simply wear this Sacred Item to Gain It's vast Blessings, Benefits, and Rewards! If you have any Questions, please send me a message for I am always Happy to Help!


THANK YOU to all of our Buyers and Returning Customers who have made LOTHORIANMAGICK© the Most Trusted and #1 Metaphysical Store among Paranormal Collectors in the World!


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