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PELE HAWAIIAN VOLCANO GODDESS Haunted Djinn Amulet of Unlimited Cosmic Power! Transformation, Wealth, Power, Banishing, Conjuring Raw Energy & More! Very Powerful!!


In the heart of Hawaii, a mystical ring whispered with the power of the legendary Goddess Pele. Crafted from the sacred elements of volcanic soil and molten lava, the ring became a conduit to Pele's metaphysical prowess. Those who possessed it felt the pulsating energy of creation and destruction at their fingertips. As the ring adorned its wearer, volcanic sparks danced, and the very essence of Pele's transformative forces coursed through their veins. It became a token of reverence, a symbol of respect to the goddess of fire and volcanoes. With each wearer, the ring held a piece of Pele's magic, a reminder that even in the smallest trinkets, the mighty power of the Hawaiian goddess persisted.

In the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean lies the archipelago of Hawaii, a land of volcanic beauty and ancient myths. At the heart of these enchanting islands stands the revered goddess of fire and volcanoes, Pele. Her tale is woven into the very fabric of Hawaiian mythology, a story of passion, creation, and the eternal dance of destruction and rebirth.

Pele, the goddess with hair of flames and eyes that sparkled like molten lava, was both revered and feared by the islanders. Legends spoke of her arrival on the islands, carried by the ocean waves, seeking a home where she could unleash her fiery powers. As she walked, the ground trembled, and volcanic eruptions marked her path.

Pele chose the majestic Mount Kilauea on the Big Island of Hawaii as her dwelling place. Here, she would sculpt the land with her molten touch, creating new landscapes and bringing forth life from the depths of the Earth. The fiery goddess became the embodiment of both creation and destruction, a force of nature that demanded respect.

The ancient Hawaiians believed that Pele's spirit resided in the lava flows, and her presence was felt in the billowing clouds of smoke that rose from the volcanoes. They built their homes and villages with utmost care, always mindful of Pele's unpredictable nature. Those who disrespected her or ventured too close to her sacred domain risked the wrath of the goddess.

Pele's story is also one of love and rivalry. Legend tells of her turbulent relationships with other gods and goddesses, often resulting in fiery conflicts that shaped the landscape. One of her most famous lovers was Kamapua'a, the pig god, with whom she shared a passionate and tumultuous connection.

The tales of Pele are not just stories; they are a living part of Hawaiian culture. Locals believe that the spirit of Pele continues to reside in the volcanic landscapes, and her presence is acknowledged and respected through rituals and offerings. Even today, eruptions from Mount Kilauea are seen as both a demonstration of Pele's power and a reminder of the delicate balance between human life and the forces of nature.

As the lava continues to flow and the islands evolve, the legacy of Pele lives on—a testament to the enduring power of mythology and the captivating spirit of the Hawaiian goddess of fire.

In Hawaiian mythology, the goddess Pele is associated with a range of metaphysical powers, reflecting her role as the deity of fire, volcanoes, and the transformative forces of creation and destruction. Here are some metaphysical aspects attributed to the Hawaiian goddess Pele:

Control Over Volcanic Forces: Pele is believed to have the power to control and manipulate the volcanic forces of the Hawaiian islands. Her presence is often associated with volcanic eruptions, lava flows, and the creation of new land. The molten lava is seen as a physical manifestation of her divine energy.

Creative and Destructive Energies: Pele embodies both creative and destructive energies. As a creator, she shapes the land, forming new landscapes and breathing life into the earth. Simultaneously, she possesses the power to unleash destructive forces through volcanic eruptions, reminding humanity of the impermanence of life.

Transformation and Rebirth: The constant cycle of volcanic activity symbolizes transformation and rebirth. Pele's metaphysical powers are linked to the idea that destruction is a necessary part of creation, and from the ashes of destruction arises the potential for new life and growth.

Connection to the Elements: Pele's association with fire and lava connects her to the primal elements of earth and fire. In Hawaiian spirituality, the elements are considered sources of spiritual energy, and Pele is seen as a guardian or embodiment of these elemental forces.

Guardianship and Protector: Pele is often considered a guardian and protector of the Hawaiian islands. The reverence and respect given to her by the indigenous people are based on the belief that honoring Pele ensures the balance and harmony of the natural forces that shape the land.

Spiritual Presence in Nature: Many Hawaiians believe that Pele's spirit resides in the natural features shaped by volcanic activity, such as craters and lava flows. These locations are considered sacred, and pilgrimages and rituals are conducted to honor and connect with Pele's metaphysical energy.

Divine Love and Passion: Pele is associated with intense love and passion. Her legendary romances, such as the one with Kamapua'a (the pig god), symbolize the powerful and often unpredictable nature of love. This aspect of Pele's energy is sometimes invoked in matters of the heart.

Oracular Abilities: In some accounts, Pele is believed to possess oracular abilities, providing guidance and insight to those who seek her wisdom. The signs and omens associated with volcanic activity are interpreted as messages from Pele.

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Here are just a few of the Metaphysical Powers this Vessel holds:

Regeneration & Creation of Positive Energy!
Heightened Spiritual and Metaphysical Abilities!
Enhanced Intuition and Psychic Powers!
Bringing Wisdom and Enlightenment!
Gain Supernatural Abilities and Insight into the Unknown!
Mystical Gifts of Astral Travel & Lucid Dreaming!
Powerful Healing and Regeneration Abilities!
Generation of Elite Wealth & Riches!
Promoting Harmony and Balanace!
Powers of Shapeshifting and Transformation!
Connecting to Venus and Other Plantery Powers!
Top Level Success and Material Abundance!
Unlimited Wishes, Blessings & Rewards!



A Top-Level Handcrafted Ancient Treasure!
Crafted of High Quality 925 Sterling Silver!




This Extraordinary Vessel is *Beaming* with Power and Energy!

Manifestations include (but are not limited to): Orbs, Streaks of Light, Warm Sensations, Noise, Temperature Changes, Blurs, Whispers, Tapping, Flashes, Mists, Shapeshifting, Dream Appearances and more! Experience the intense Power and Energies for yourself! Each individual's experiences are Unique!

Easy To Use: You do not have to be a Witch or practice any type of Witchcraft to own a Haunted, Paranormal or Spellcast item! The Powers of this Item work for Beginners and the Advanced alike! You can be of any faith or religion! All you must do is Believe and respect the Spirits within the Vessel. This piece contains great Powers and Energies, please handle with care and respect.

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There are limited quantities of this particular vessel! Now may be your only chance to own this powerful piece! Each casting is performed specifically for every individual to ensure the powers are unique and custom fit for each person's needs. If purchasing a Spirit item, note that No two people will ever receive the same entity and no none else will be able to conjure your spirit through another vessel, unless noted otherwise. All castings and conjurations are custom and specifically to be bound to your energies alone! Rather than receiving an entity that is already conjured, you are receiving an item that will be inhabited by a spirit specifically conjured for YOU! Bid while there is still time and change your life Today! 

This is a truly Haunted item containing Great Metaphysical Power! 

Please read all! 

The Spells, Spirits & Magic imbued within this Magnificent Vessel are that of the most Powerful in the Universe—Our items are extremely potent and not to be taken lightly! All items contain great energies, for they are cast using only the most rare and ancient forms of Traditional Magick. This Powerful item brings great Blessings and Amazing Results! All you must do is be Positive in your Practice and great Gifts shall be bestowed upon you! Patience is a virtue! As my Grandmother always said "You must always Believe!" ~ Blessed Be!

Note: You do not have to wear this item for the Powers to affect your Life ~ Keeping it in a Charging box, Charm bag or simply Carrying it with you will do just fine!

Real Magick, Real Results

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed 

All of our metaphysical items are cast using the same sacred magick rituals that were used by our ancestors centuries ago and have provided amazing results. These are sacred traditional witchcraft spells collected from all over the world--Many have been passed down to us by blood, others have been given to us by powerful Shaman, Warlocks, High Priests and Master Spirit Conjurers. A lot of time and care is put into our spellwork! Each ritual is performed for every individual and cast specifically to fit their needs and energies. We use only the finest supplies to cast our spells to guarantee you that your spell will be as potent and powerful as possible. Many other Spellcasters use cheap oils, incense, and herbs, which decreases the power and usefulness of the spell. All herbs used are 100% organic and grown in my own garden. Nearly all of the oils, incense and candles used are personally handcrafted by me.

I guarantee you the most powerful spell you can get, using only the finest tools and most sacred forms of magick that has been used for centuries with extraordinary results.

Why Buy From Lothorian Magick?

The Magick we practice is that of the Oldest and Most Powerful in the Universe. I have dedicated my life to Paranormal Research and Exploration. The Items I share with you are of the Most Powerful and Genuine Paranormal Items you will find. These Items come of Genies/Djinn, Dragons, Vampires, Goddesses, Faeries, and so much more. My team and I have traveled through out the US, England-Haunted Capital of The World, Middle East, Asia, and The Caribbeans. Most people on eBay know that My team and I have had uncovered some of the most important Paranormal discoveries of the last 3 decades. These places include Old Lorimier, The Ghostly Hauntings of The Plas-Teg Estates, The Gloddaeth Woods, Dragholm's Lot, The Tomb of Ahktun Mya'ar and the 7 Realms of the Lost Nordic Gate. I am honored to present these great Paranormal discoveries to all those who truly believe and seek the Power of these genuine sacred Spirit Vessels.

All of the Haunted and Paranormal Items I have to offer possess great Energies and real Power. These items are cast and conjured by highly skilled Master Shaman, High Priests, Witches and Warlocks from all over the world. The spirits inhabiting these vessels are very complex, for they are of another realm and possess power that most of us can only dream of. Their abilities are far more advanced and much more intense than anything we know today as humans. These items are ones that reach into the deepest and most passionate realms of the Paranormal world. They will enter in to the very core of your imagination. Their powers are intense and strong for they are real-Very real.

Our Promise To You

We pride ourselves in being Honest Sellers that you can Trust! If you ever have any questions or concerns, please send me a message right away! We promise to work with you to resolve any issues you may have until you are completely satisfied. Customer service is my number one priority! I truly care about ever single one of my clients. Upon the purchase of any one of my items, you will not only receive a great treasure with true powers and energies, but you will also gain a friend who will be happy to help you with any of your concerns to the best of my abilities.

Custom Spells and Conjurations

We have and endless plethora of powerful spells, potions and healing aids, to conquer any situation or troubled time you may be going through. It is our pleasure to cast any Custom Spells that you need. We are Certified Traditional Spellcasters and Healers who practice only the most Rare and Ancient forms of True Magick. This includes White Magick, Grey Magick, Wicca, Chakra Healing and Voodoo. We are able to personally conjure Spirits, Entities and Ghosts and bind them within a vessel for you as you desire. Please send all necessary information along with your request such as your Name and Date of Birth as well as any information you have about the particular spirit(s) or spells you desire.

It's okay to buy more than one spell at a time, in fact it can often times increase the power of your spell. By doing so, you are adding power to your spell cache, which brings great energies to your spiritual aura. In my Castings and Conjurations, I will use a combination of 100% Organic and handcrafted items including candles, oils, and herbs, all chosen specifically for your purpose and astrological circumstances.

Money Back Guarantee

We are very proud to say that we are one of the few Metaphysical sellers to offer a Money Back Guarantee! I am always happy to accept returns. If there is ever a problem with your order or you are not feeling the Powers and Energies, please contact me and I will give you a 100% refund. Item must be returned within 30 days. I cannot give refunds after 30 days, as the spell or Spirit may be fully bound to your energies, and you may continue to reap the benefits of the item even after it has been returned--which is not fair to me as a seller. What goes around comes around is a big belief in my practice. I would not like to take the money of any of my clients unless they feel that they have gained something. I want everyone who purchases from me to feel safe and secure with their purchase.


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