Transgender Hormone Change Your Gender Shapeshifting Beauty Spell Haunted Ring


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This Powerful Metaphysical item is cast with a series of Sacred Shapeshifting & Beauty Spells to allow you to Change your Gender! These Spells date back thousands of Years to the Witches of Eloris, the Most Powerful Coven in Existence! Only these Shapeshifting Powers can be achieved by True Greatness and a Genuine Spell of Ancient Magick! This spell is Extremely Potent and only for those who want to make Serious Changes - Both Physically and Mentally! This Spell develops Over the course of 9 Months as if you are being Re-born the Opposite Gender! This Vessel brings Real and Permanent Change! It will not allow you to Shape-shift back and forth between Genders - This item is for those who want to make a Permanent Change and want to Become Free and Truly Comfortable in their Own Skin!

Finally let your Physical Appearance reflect your True Self!

Are you Unhappy with your Looks and Feel as if you are Living a Life that is Not meant for you? If you feel like you are Trapped within your own body, as if you were meant to be born the Opposite Sex, this Spell can help you become the Man or Woman you always felt like you should Be!

This spell works equally as well for both Sexes! If you are a Man wanting to become a Woman; the powers of this spell will give you a higher production of Estrogen in your body -- your voice will become softer and you will lose facial hair. You will began to grow breasts and your male anatomy will get smaller, eventually forming a full female vagina. You will gain a fully functioning reproductive system & will be able to Give Birth and Breast Feed your Children! You will have a Menstrual Cycle and eventually go through Menopause. Your Height will decrease and your body will become more Sexy and Curvy! There will be nothing Left to ever remind you or let anyone else know that you were once born a Man!

For Women, your Testosterone will increase -- your voice will become deeper, and you will grow Facial and Body hair, just like a Man! Your breasts disappear, and your vagina will grow into a fully functioning male Penis. You will have full Sexual Ability! You will produce Sperm and will be able to Get a Woman pregnant, so please use Protection if you are not ready to be a Father! Your partner(s) will never be able to tell that you were once a different Gender! Your Height will increase, your body will become Less Curvy and Feminine. You shoulders will become more Broad and you will have an increased Muscle mass! It is important to keep fit and get plenty of protein in your diet! Your partner will be Amazed by your New Body!

Bury Your Old Self and Put the Past Behind You!

The Most Important thing this Sacred Spell has brought to so Many is the Gift of True Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem and Self-Worth. So Many are Depressed and Unhappy because their Bodies do not Reflect the Person they Truly are inside. No one should have to Live a Lie and Pretend they are Someone they are Not! This Ancient Spell will allow you to Be Yourself and feel Comfortable in your Own Skin! This is a Real Spell that brings Real Results! Please understand this is a Process - This transition will not happen Over Night. You cannot simply put the Ring on and Transform your Entire Life in an Instant. Your Body will need to Adjust and Develop just as a Child in a Womb. This Item is Extremely Powerful, so Please handle with Care. Yes, 9 Months is a long wait, but it is Truly Worth it! You will be Amazed by the Results!